Celab Four:C Automator

Automated flows of data between different technologies

Four:C Automator translates commands into sequences of events and generates automatic flows between different systems.

About Celab Four:C Automator

Automator is an application that simply can be described as a switch for data. A hub where incoming information is translated, transformed and forwarded to desired recipients.

It is possible to generate flows based on triggers that can be are adapted with regard to characteristics of the user, function, location and time of day - regardless of which incoming or outgoing technologies are used.

At the time of writing Four:C Automator supports TETRA, LTE, LAN/WAN, Wifi, DMR and POCSAG as "carriers" of incoming or outgoing information.


Some of the flows that have been implemented are mentioned below but, the platform and its various interfaces are developed continuously and potential applications are "unlimited". Using a somewhat old cliché – imagination is the limit.

Missing your desired use case? Get in touch and maybe we can create it together.

Remote control

Use a device like a Tetra-terminal to remotely control traffic lights, gates, garage doors, bollards, lighting or perhaps your sauna.

Virtually anything that is controlled with a relay can be integrated. If it can be controlled today it certainly can be controlled via Automator. If it cannot be controlled today it probably can be solved anyway.

Emergency management

Connect fire alarms, machine alarms, sensors, CCTV or worker safety systems to Automator and distribute emegencies to desired recipients in any way you like. The distribution chains can be supplemented with scheduling, escalation or time control so that emergencies reach the right person at the right time.

Non-critical flows can be handled for spreading information in a corresponding way - perhaps with IOT equipment as the transmitter (Internet-of-things).


Automator can page both individuals and/or functions. By users logging in from their device they can "own" a specific function - suitable for people/functions that need to be on-call.

Current paging system or dispatch solutions can be used to trigger paging flows or alternatively Four:C Automator offers a web interface with configurable hotkeys.

Dynamic status updates

Some users/organisations report to multiple command centers depending on task. By letting the status updates pass through Automator the system can adjust the destination based on parameters such as time of day, location, login or roles. This way the user does not have to think about administrative details during work. At the same time the need to reconfigure devices is minimized.

Flows/sequences can also be completed with delivery reports or restricted with white-lists. Such lists allows only known and approved origins to initiate events. In the background the system can also perform continuous checks to verify that receivers are active and functional.


The solution can be deployed as a server application on premise or as a cloud service from Celab, depending on your needs and wishes.

The solution can also be set up redundantly to increase operational reliability. Either two local servers set up in parallel or with geographical separation to further minimize the effect of external circumstances on the system.

  • Unlimited flows
  • 1 carrier
  • 1 I/O (trigger)
  • Additional carrier
  • Additional I/O (trigger)
  • Special features
  • Customised development


I/O´s – Inputs/Outputs

This is a snapshot of existing protocol support. Support may have been extended since the text was updated.

  • Status
  • SDS
  • Call-Out/Unit Alert
  • LIP
  • TCP/IP
  • SMS
  • HTTP
  • RSS
  • ESPA
  • SIA DC 09

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