We are an official provider of Motorola Solutions devices for SINE. Besides offering the widest selection of terminals we also develop systems for computer aided dispatch, job ticketing, task management, etc. This combination enables us to deliver customised solutions for every purpose.

Motorola Solutions is the world’s leading manufacturer of TETRA equipment, the technology used in SINE. With more than 2 million terminals in use in over 100 countries they have delivered more than twice as many as their closest competitor.

Our radios are available in a variety of different designs with lots of different features for various applications. Since SINE is based on infrastructure from Motorola Solutions our terminals lets you take full advantage of many Motorola-specific features in the network. And regardless of use, there are always at least three reasons for considering a SINE terminal from Motorola.


When a task requires your full attention technology can’t interfere. Motorola’s interface are therefore designed to be as intuitive and minimalist as possible. The interface is also adaptable depending on the current user.


Not even the best feature does any good if it does not work. This is why Motorola has created their uncompromising quality test, ALT™. The quality assessments are carried out continuously throughout the product life cycle, from reoccurring tests at the prototype stage to spot-check during manufacturing.

All terminals that leave Motorola also fulfil or surpass all categories in the MIL-STD.


Information is useless if it does not reach its intended recipient. Because of this Motorola put a lot of energy in improving basic radio performance. I.e. developing receiver and transmitter characteristics to maximise the radios reception and connectivity.

These factors ensure that you obtain a device that does WHAT you want, WHEN you need to and WHEREVER you are.



An introduction to SINE

SINE is Denmark’s national system for emergency communications. It is developed especially for organisations within public safety and private companies of certain importance for the community. SINE is thus used by police, rescue services and parts of the Danish defence.

SIkkerhedsNEt (SINE) was implemented and approved for use in 2010 and is typically used for reliable internal communications during everyday operations. But it also used for inter-organisational coordination during crisis and other major events.