3rd Generation Partnership Project

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Advanced Encryption Standard

Encryption of wireless transmissions in TETRA

Protocol that defines how radio signals shall be sent through space in TETRA.

Feature that lets an operator to activate a user microphone to listen in on what is happening.

Application Programming Interface > Definition of how an application communicates externally, for easier integration with other applications.

ARTS or Auto-Range Transpond System is a feature that lets the user know if other ARTS enabled units get out of range, giving the user the opportunity act accordingly.

EU-direktiv som syftar till att minimera explosionsrisker på arbetsplatser genom korrekt hantering av explosiva substanser och potentiella antändningskällor. Direktivet har resulterat i klassificeringar av utrustning som styr i vilka typer av miljöer de får användas.

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A veritification made between the terminal and the infrastructure to authenticate both parties.

Automatic Vehicle Location

International standard for short range wireless transfers. Available in a variety of application dependent protocols (voice/data) and several releases with varying features.

Aktiv elektronisk dämpning av buller, missljud och yttre brus.

A feature for dispatching in TETRA. An incoming emergency/job/task is usually advertised with both visual and audioble alerts together with a description of incoming emergency/job/task on the screen. The user must confirm or deny to return to the start screen.

Digital two-way radio solution fully compliant with ETSI DMR Tier III.

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Adds trunking to a MOTOTRBO™ system.

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Term for a discreet radio channel, mostly used in digital two-way radio (TETRA & DMR). The discreet channel can in turn contain multiple "communication paths" (channels/time slots).

A combination of IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus, i.e. a trunked system covering multiple sites. Connect Plus allows for a high capacity system combined with a large coverage area.

A method for dedicating a channel for a specific group of users by the use low frequency under tones. CTCSS is also now as Tone Squelch, Private Line™ (Motorola) eller Channel Guard (GE).

Digital Coded Squelch (DCS) superimposes a digital code with the transmission, which similar to CTCSS dedicates a channel to a group of users and blocks unauthorized. The method is also known as Digital Private Line (DPL) by Motorola and Digital Channel Guard (DCG) by GE.

Dynamic Group Number Assignment - Management of dynamic talk groups.

Dynamic Mixed Mode is a feature that automatically senses if an incoming transmission is digital or analogue and repeats it accordingly, enabling simultaneous digital and analogue traffic within the same system.

Direct Mode Operation - Calls between radios without involving infrastructure.

Transmission from base station to radio.

Dual-tone multi-frequency

Dual Watch means that the radio only listens to two different channels at the same time. The current channel plus the one that is set as prioritized.

Two-way communications

Dispatcher Work Station

Point to point encryption regardless of network (air) encryption.

Designation for devices that are designed for use in hazardous environments since they are not prone to igniting flammable substances. Equipment with ATEX classification are for instance intrinsically safe.

Disabling a terminal remotely via the network, either temporarily or permanently.

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Follow me scan lets users dynamically designate a channel for scanning. That means a channel can be scanned even if it is not included in the ordinary scan list.

Equipment that acts as a bridge between different systems and/or devices. For instance between a radio out of reach and the infrastructure.

Global Positioning System - Satellite based positioning system developed by the US Military.

A call made within a talk group.

Interference Mitigation Oscillation Prevention

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Motorola's series of smart accessories that communicate with the radio or charger to optimise settings.

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Motorolas new and improved noise cancelling technique uses two microphones to more efficiently filter the users voice. Se the video for a demonstration.

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A type of coding of transmissions with the purpose to prevent eavesdropping. Although, the feature is not considered a "real" encryption.

Feature that automatically adjust audio levels depending on the surroundings, to minimize the risk of missing calls in noisy environments and disturbing others in quite areas.

Allows repeaters to be connected via IP to extend the coverage area. Can also be used to create a unified system that covers different places, by connecting the base stations at the dispersed locations, no matter the distance.

Double digit code that reveals how sealed an electronic device is. The first number indicates regards particles and the other liquids. Higher number = better sealing.

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A feature that triggers an emergency procedure automatically if the users does not confirm their well-being regularly.

MagOne is the only budget line of accessories tested and certified by Motorola.

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Bulit in sensor that triggers an emergency call if the radio remains still for a pre-defined amount of time and/or tilted beyond a set angle Unlike Lone Worker, Man Down does not require any active confimation.

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Mission-Critical Push-to-talk

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Miltitary Standard - Quality standard created by the US Military.

Accelerated Life Test - Motorola Solutions process for quality control that simulates 5 years of demanding use.

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Multi-Slot Packet Data - Motorola proprietary feature that enables higher transfer rates in TETRA by utilizing multiple time slots simultaneously.

A feature that eliminates ambient noise by filtering recorded audio.

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A board in the radio that allows for the addition of extra features like, encryption, man down, etc.

Over The Air Programming - Enables effortless programming of fixed and/or mobile equipment.

Scale that indicates percieved loudness of a sound.

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PTT over Cellular a.k.a. Push-to-talk over Cellular.

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Priority scan means that the radio regularly monitors one or several channels for ongoing traffic even if a call is being made on the radio.

Repeater Diagnostics and Control

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Equipment that can repeat an incoming radio signal to extend reach.

Radio User Assignment/Identity > Controls radio identitity and features depending on the current users log in details.

Scanning is a feature that lets the radio listen after ongoing traffic on a pre-defined set of channels When the radio detects a call in progress the radio "stops" on that channel, letting the users here the conversation.

Software Defined Radio

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Function used to address only a selection of radios on the channel.

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Talk-around scan means that the radio listens to both uplink and downlink frequencies on a repeater/base station, to check if the direct mode is reliable. If direct mode is prefered the radio will automatically transmit in direct mode to save unnecessary traffic through the network.

Feature that lets radios communicate directly with each other in case the repeater is not functioning proporly or if the radios are out of reach.

Method for dividing a discreet radio channel in time, giving more available "communication paths" on the same channel.

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TETRA Encryption Algorithm > Encryption available in three different levels (1,2,3).

TETRA Enhanced Data Service - Enables increased transfer rates in TETRA

A "communication path" created by dividing a radio channel in time.

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Trunked Mode Operation - Term in TETRA for communicating via the infrastructure (network).

A simple priority feature in MOTOTRBO™. Lets selected user interrupt ongoing calls to advertise important information.

Technique that lets several individual efficiently share the same resource.

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Ingress Protection (IP) rating higher than IPx7.

Audible confirmations

Voice Operated Transmit - Feature that is easily explained as a voice activated PTT button, allowing for hands-free operation.

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Wireless Application Protocol - Protocol for the transfer of internet content wirelessly via radio.

Motorolas PTT-over-Cellular (PoC) solution.

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Increases microphone sensitivity to let the user whisper but still be heard. Can be useful in some threatening situations.

Motorola technology that efficiently reduces the effects of wind and other external factors that impact microphone performance. See the video for a demonstration.

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A Motorola proprietary technique for compressing recorded audio. Thanks to X-pand compression the same audio quality can be achieved in a 12,5 kHz channel spacing as in an (uncompressed) 25 kHz channel.