Celab Orchestra

Fully customizable Dispatch Work Station (DWS) that provides easy management and control of all communications within the organisation from your operations centre, control centre, etc.

The basic principle with Celab Orchestra is to provide organisations with an effective and intuitive way to manage their communications. The technology used is less important since the solution can integrate different technologies (telephony, two-way radio, etc) into the same user interface.

As the name suggests Orchestra consists of a number of “instruments”, or modules, that are assembled based on your requirements, your needs and your desires to create your unique “symphony”. The solutions does not have a standardised user interface, instead it is designed to suit your operations and procedures.

Celab Orchestra can be tailored to almost any use, as long as it concerns communications management and/or resource management.


Common to all Orchestra users is that they place huge demands on availability so, reliability is key.

Orchestra usually uses a distributed installation, meaning a number of geographically disbursed nodes are connected via a network to create a cluster. Every node is equipped with a server and one or several gateways that connect the system to external infrastructure like telephony, TETRA, e-mail and so on.

The system is designed to act as a cloud service, which means that servers synchronize data in real-time and act as one single system. A user always has access to all available nodes and the connected gateways. If a client looses contact with a node the user can still work with complete functionality but with limited capacity. All nodes can also work independently of each other, if the connection between them would falter. The number of operators per node is usually scaled to allow all communications to be managed from one single location, in case problems occur locally.

The gateways are normally connected by cable but the solution is preferably also equipped with wireless back-up routes, if the connection goes down. The wireless connection can be used as the main route but with slightly limited features.

Shared resources

Another advantage of the system is that it provides efficient sharing of common resources. A resource connected to one of the nodes, like telephone lines, TETRA terminals and fixed connections to TETRA-system can all be used simultaneously by multiple clients, even if they are geographically scattered. This can drastically reduce costs for gateways and connection charges.

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Customer References


Ellevio is experiencing better resource management thanks to the communications platform Celab Orchestra. With Ellevio’s tailored version of the platform their command centre now handles all communications, from telephone calls to texting and TETRA.

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